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New You Nation Network is the network for Generation X  and beyond.  We have content that not only nutrues and entertains you but gives you a space of nostalgia.  

NYNN delivers content to help you grow, heal, and develop your character in a world where anything goes.  We are the middle child generation and our voice has been silenced for far too long. NYNN is our network and we will be heard .  

NYNN  will remain true to generation X. We will not conform to what’s popular or trending, we will share our truth and stand firm on nurturing content. We are  dedicated to providing wholesome content that not only nurtures but entertains without compromising morals, values and character.  Our audience is our tribe and we will always do our best to honor, serve and protect your integrity. 



With over 20 years in the entertainment industry Tray has seen a lot and lived the life that most women desire; by the age of 25 She was married, had access to stars and was living the “lavish” life. But where much is given, much is required. Sometimes life throws you a huge curve ball or  making a wrong choice can totally change the trajectory of your life in an instant.  At first it can feel like the end of the world and then it will reveal its true meaning. 


Entertainment has always been Tray's first love. No matter how far she's moved from the industry she is truly a creative and her heart has always brought her back to creating.  What ever industry she found herself in she was always creating content, doing graphics, moderating and some how editing footage.


With all that's going on in the media Tray could not find anything she could really relate to or that wasn't vulgar or offense.  So, she decide to fulfill the need.  Not just for herself but for other Generation Xers who expressed the same desire.  Many times she's heard "Can I go to a platform where there is no profanity, nudity or offensive content but still be entertained?" 


Here is her baby New You Nation Network. 


Welcome to the Network for Gen Xers!!!!!! 


Thanks for submitting!

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