Have you ever been cheated on, lied to, misused and abused physically, mentally or emotionally just to have a man?  Are you a wife that is tired of knowing your man has another woman and you feel like there is nothing you can do about it?  Are you fed up with the other woman?  Are you afraid to leave the relationship because of time invested, money and the kids?  Are you some man’s sidepiece?  Are you living on his promise that he will leave?  Are you wrapped up in his excuse?  Are you are devaluing, degrading or selling yourself short all in the name of love?  If you’re stuck in a rut or carry heavy baggage on account of this, LISTEN UP!!! This is the show for you!!!!!  It's time for women to not only be accountable for their choices, but to also make better choices.  


I believe women are being devastated by the affects of cheating and families are being destroyed.  I also believe that women have the POWER to change the cycle of women hurting women.  It starts with us.  If you’re willing to listen to my testimony I am here to share, not to judge because I used to be you.  


The Woman to Woman Show will help women move passed their past; live in their present, and be accountable for the choices they make for a better future. 


“If I can help just one hurt woman restore hope in one family or simply help women respect one another’s relationships, this will totally be worth my while and I will have done what God called me to do.” 


The Woman To Woman show is all about accountability and healing.


I am my sisters keeper.