Tray Kearney

Certified Life/Relationship Coach 

Tray Kearney is a servant leader whose assignment is helping others heal from matters of the heart.  She is known for her method of helping others heal through her transparency and truth.  Her testimony of going through the storm of infidelity on both sides of not only  being the offender but also the recipient of betrayal gives men and women the safe haven they need to be transparent and honest with themselves without judgement. 


Tray states “I’m not here to judge you, I used to be you”.  Her motto is we have all fallen short of the mark.  Tray feels as though she is equipped and ready for an assignment such as this not only from her life experience but also from the investments she has and continues to put into herself for spiritual growth and personal development through several different courses, mentors and coaching programs. 


These resources give her not only the tools to complete the task but as she pours she is continually being poured into.  She believes you cannot pour from an empty cup. Tray’s formula is truth + transparency = Healing. Tray is here for those who are ready to heal. She is ready to walk with you hand in hand on your journey of healing.