Matters Of The Heart

2-day Webinar

Matters Of The Heart 2-day Webinar

Are you ready to get the love you know you deserve?

Are you ready to have and maintain a healthy relationship?

Are you curious to know what your body language may be saying?

Do you feel as though you’re being overlooked or passed up in the dating pool?

Is your current relationship on its last leg and you don’t know how to fix it?

If this sounds like you, join me for this 2-day webinar and get the solutions you need to be healed, whole and ready to have a heal-thy relationship.

Included in the webinar
-It’s Healing Time book
by Tray Kearney
-Love evaluation worksheet
-One 15-minute one on one coaching call.


December 18th & 19th, ‪7pm to 8:30pm EST.

With Special Guest Speakers

Dr. Oliver T. Reid

Dr. Reid is an Author, Solution Coach and sought after International Motivational Speaker.

He is the Author of the bestselling book “Man Code”.

Have you ever wanted to get into the mind of your man but you feel locked out?

Well, let Dr. Reid help you with the code. For too long you’ve been trying to use a key on a combination lock because you just don’t know what you just don’t know.

Dr. Reid will explain how the mind of a man works!!!!!

Get your pen and paper out ladies it’s about to get real!!!!!!

Rodney Gray

Rodney is a sought after Author/Speaker/Life, Leadership and Relationship Coach.

Rodney’s ability to help women dismiss the false information the world says about being single but instead embrace the wait.

His message of keeping your standards high and never compromising your beliefs gives women the freedom to be ok with having high expectations of the man they are praying for.

Rodney’s message of self-love and being satisfied and content in your single season is powerful!!

His transparency and gentle but tough love is just what we need to be true to ourselves when we want to settle just to have someone in our life.

“When you’re ready and you truly love yourself, the right person will show up.”

So get ready to be blessed by his message!!!!!!!

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