Tray Kearney

Author, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and the creator and host of the Woman to Woman Show are just a few titles that she holds.  The most important title to Tray is “Woman of God.”  Several years ago Tray decided to share her story of heartache and pain.  This included infidelity and she does not deny that she has been the offender.  One of her favorite lines is “I am not judging you, I used to be you.”  As she healed she grew.  Now her mission is to help women through the steps of healing through conferences, radio, blogs, television and coaching.  She hosts an open platform that addresses women who have been hurt from many issues, but the biggest topic is being hurt as a result of infidelity and how to “snatch back” your life.


In July 2014, Tray launched the Woman to Woman Show. This show is her platform to share her journey of how infidelity shattered her life and how she snatched her life and her happiness back after complete devastation.  Her weekly radio show has powerful guest speakers that help counsel the listeners on the spot. The show received a lot of feedback from women that had been hurt and just needed to speak to someone who could relate.  She directly addresses women who are “the other woman” also known as the “side chicks.”  One of her most successful campaigns is the “#NoSideChicking” movement where women have come together on one accord to honor, guard and respect each other’s relationships.  She believes that accountability is key and women must be responsible with their choices and accountable for their role when it comes to infidelity.  She also believes that women have to make a conscious decision not to be with a man that is already taken.  Tray realized that women are hurting and it’s healing time.  Her first book “It’s Healing Time” was penned in Fall 2015.  Tray began promoting her book and it opened the door for many speaking engagements. Her assignment is helping others heal from matters of the heart through her one-on-one coaching along with several programs she designed and leads.


She has begun doing group conference calls and meetings to assist women and teach them how to use the book as a tool for healing.  Tray has developed the “It’s Healing Time Formula” which is a program designed to walk women through the seven steps of healing. Tray’s formula is Truth+Transparency=Healing is changing the lives of women all over the globe.   Her belief is you cannot heal from what you don’t uncover.

    In Spring 2016, she hosted the “It’s Healing Time Gathering” near her hometown of Essex County.  She has also spoke at several key events, including Lucinda Cross’ “Activate Barbershop Edition” where she was the only woman speaker, “You're Beautifully Made” mentor program for girls, and “Be Beautiful Expo” in Philly .  


    Tray often finds herself in the room with the who’s who in life coaching and motivational speaking.  “I didn’t begin helping and ministering to women with the goal of becoming a coach or motivational speaker, it just happened naturally.  It is like I found my purpose in my passion,” says Tray.


    Tray’s candid personality and ability to emotionally connect to her audience is what makes her so unique.  She now has “It’s Healing Time” groups throughout the Northeast that get together virtually and in person to support one another because of their connection through Tray’s meetings.  She encourages and personally visits the groups to ensure that she is there to assist women to get to their healing point.  Her life is about helping others heal.  


    Tray is a member of National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment (NABFEME), National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), a member of Cast and Crew of Color, ambassador for Girlfriends Pray Local and an advocate for My Goal Autism Support Group.  


    Future endeavors include, “It’s Healing Time Gathering 2017”, “Beauty Bootcamp”, and the Lucinda Cross “Activate Experience” 2016 conference. Tray is actively working on her second book geared toward helping men heal after infidelity in addition to working on her magazine launch.  She is also diligently working on her non-profit organization for women who need support after infidelity.


    PERSONAL MANTRA ~ “It's Healing Time” Tray believes that women have the power to save families. “It starts with loving oneself and respecting one another’s relationships. Infidelity is destroying the core of families and it’s time for women to be accountable for their part and start the healing.  We as women are the solution to the infidelity problem and it starts with me… for I am my sister’s keeper.