Tray Kearney is a Certified Professional Coach through the World Coach Institute ICF ACSTH Approved Program. Tray specializes in Life and Relationship Coaching. She is also a 2X author and motivational speaker.   


In her first book, It’s Healing Time: Restoring Hope In Women After Infidelity, Tray shares her story of infidelity and how she snatched her life and happiness back after complete devastation. Tray began her journey of healing by working on herself first.  She began with investing in a life coach, along with strong mentors. She committed herself to taking courses based around her spiritual growth and personal development which in turn led to her own coaching career. 


Tray believes you can’t give what you don’t have and you can’t teach what you’ve never learned.


Tray believes relationships are the foundation of life.  How you communicate and interact with people is a major obstacle for many people. Dealing with matters of the heart is where it all begins. 


The key component to building and maintaining healthy relationships is open and honest communication.  Many of us are not taught this basic, interpersonal skill.  Therefore, Tray has made it part of her mission to help others strengthen their communication and basic life skills.


The main problem Tray sees is that most people avoid dealing with the most important component of a healthy lifestyle and that is their heart. Self control is the beginning of winning.  You must master your emotions in order to be progressive, successful and balanced in all areas of your life and maintain healthy relationships. The key to having healthy relationships is to be emotionally healthy and whole as an individual. Tray realized that once she was emotionally healthy she could maintain healthy relationships.  She also knew that once she was emotionally healthy she could walk away from those relationships that are toxic. 



Through one-on-one coaching, courses, and workshops she teaches and her group coaching programs, Tray has helped numerous men, women, and families get back on track to restoring their once broken relationships and obtaining and maintaining healthy relationships.


3 Sessions By Phone 45 Minutes Each  @ $375